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"Well Rehabilitation" means restoring a well to its most efficient condition. There are numerous causes of poor and deteriorating well performance. Well Rehabilitation is the step taken when a well has deteriorated beyond the point of regular maintenance being able to restore the yield of water or sand pumping reaches unacceptable levels. Well Rehabilitation can save you the cost of having to have a new well drilled.


Sometimes a well has deteriorated to the point the only solution is to drill a new well.


Irrigation Wells, Domestic Wells & Well Rehabilitation


Schmidt's Well Drilling & Irrigation Systems drill "Deep" & Shallow" wells for private and commercial properties. For "Deep Wells", Schmidt's Well Drilling and Irrigation Systems uses the air hammer rotary method of drilling. In rotary drilling, a drill bit is attached to a length of connected drill pipe. The drill bit is made of tough metals such as tungsten, and as the drill is rotated, the bit acts to grind up the rock. The broken pieces (cuttings) are flushed upward and out of the hole by circulating a drilling fluid, (sometimes called drilling mud), down through the drill pipe and back up to the surface. This drilling fluid also serves to cool and lubricate the drill bit, and by stabilizing the wall of the hole it can prevent possible cave-in of unstable sands or crumbly rock before the well casing or well screen is installed. As the drill intersects water bearing rock formations water will flow into the hole. Drillers carefully monitor the depth of water "strikes" and keep a note of the formations in which they occur.

Our shallow wells are done using the "Jet" method. The "Jet" method involves using water being propelled powerfully through a hose to cut through the layers of sand and shell.